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Due to the unique history of Oklahoma as Indian Territory, the city of Tulsa is home to Native people from many different tribes, whose original homelands span across Turtle Island. While urban Natives face the same health issues, food security struggles, and cultural disconnection as those living close to their tribal communities, many Native people living in the city do not have easy access to cultural resources offered at their respective tribal headquarters, which are often in rural areas. Indigenous citizens of Tulsa can benefit from knowledge about healing physical and emotional trauma through ancestral teachings, and from the community support intrinsic to these traditional ways, but this knowledge needs to be made accessible to those with limited resources.


Burning Cedar Sovereign Wellness began in 2022 with the dream of creating a space for the Indigenous community in Tulsa to

gather, heal, and grow.


We are a 100% Native women-led and community driven non-profit organization dedicated to addressing socioeconomic disparities, health crises, and cultural disconnection affecting Indigenous communities by re-establishing ancestral foodways, wellness practices, and traditional medicine, educating future generations of Indigenous cooks, supporting Indigenous food producers, teaching sustainable and environmentally restorative practices, and providing resources for our people to improve their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health through ancestral ways of knowing.

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